An Open Letter To Jacquie Miller And The Ottawa Citizen/Sun Editorial Board Regarding Marijuana Dispensaries

Judging by the underlying tone and general approach of your ongoing Marijuana Dispensary series, one can only reach the conclusion that you, Ms. Miller, are on a personal crusade to drum up as much fear and loathing against these establishments as you possibly can, in a deliberate effort to get them all shut down.
That isn’t journalism, Jacquie, it is propaganda, but you already knew that.

Your actions are causing operators – and more importantly, patients – to be fearful of dispensaries. I have little doubt that this is deliberate. I have little doubt that you are deliberately throwing any and all journalistic integrity to the wind in your effort to scandalize this topic for increased readership, and to get these places shut down. I also have deep suspicions that Tweed or some other Licensed Producer is behind this – egging you on – either financially or otherwise.

You know that the HC program is inaccessible to most people, and that these places are necessary.
You know that the HC programs have been struck down in court numerous times, leaving the prohibition that you so enthusiastically keep goading the police into enforcing as dead or mostly-dead… meaning these places are not “illegal” as you keep insisting.
You know that closing these places down will be an expensive and pointless game of whack-a-mole that this city simply cannot afford, and definitely cannot win.
You know that closing even one dispensary down can have serious and possibly even fatal consequences for the people who utilize them.

And yet, you continue to write article after article, demonizing the operators, humiliating their landlords, antagonizing police, and endangering their patrons.

You are unfathomably reprehensible, as are the entire editorial board of this dying kennel-liner of a publication. Absolutely beneath contempt. Unworthy even of the rotten, stinking, blood-tinged gunk that clogs your insides.

I would encourage you all to be ashamed of yourselves, but it was made clear by your first few articles and editorials that none of you are even capable of feeling shame.

For all of you, I wish nothing but sorrow, loneliness, poverty, misery, and suffering.

And since you are “journalists” – smug, smarmy, arrogant, and dismissive – I don’t have to reach very far to assume that you are smirking while you read this. Perhaps even reading it aloud to your compatriots in the newsroom over your buckets of coffee, having a good laugh at the misery and pain (and maybe even deaths) that you are causing some of Ottawa’s most-vulnerable people.

Russell Barth
Nov. 12, 2016

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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1 Response to An Open Letter To Jacquie Miller And The Ottawa Citizen/Sun Editorial Board Regarding Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. Anne says:

    When is Christine’s birthday?

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