The Marijuana Studies That Health Canada Says Don’t Exist

Health Canada claims to know a lot about Marijuana when they have bad things to say about it, but when asked about it’s efficacy, they claim there aren’t enough scientific studies to confirm that.

Also, every few days on Twitter, some idiot will challenge me when I say that Marijuana is safe and effective, or that it cures cancer. Then I have to spend ten minutes posting a bunch of links to articles explaining the science.

So I decided to just put them all in one link. Enjoy.


Neuroimmmune interactions of cannabinoids in neurogenesis: focus on interleukin-1β (IL-1β) signalling.

Study Finds Marijuana To Beat Current Alzheimer’s Drugs

Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say

Study finds marijuana has no effect on teen brain tissue, unlike alcohol use

Marijuana May Grow Neurons in the Brain

Scientists Discover That Cannabis May Reduce Brain Damage Caused By Alcohol

Study Finds Marijuana To Beat Current Alzheimer’s Drugs

Marijuana Does Not Harm the Human Brain

Four incredible ways marijuana is great for your brain

No, Marijuana Use Doesn’t Lower Your IQ


How Alan Park Cured His Cancer With Cannabis Oil


Cannabis Can Prevent Cancer Caused By Cigarette Use, According To New Study

Marijuana kills brain cancer, new study confirms

How Cannabis Cures Cancer (+30 Medical Researches)

44 medical studies that demonstrate cannabis can treat cancer

Scientists Discover That Marijuana Compound May Fight Lung Cancer

Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

Study Finds Cannabinoids Can Kill Gastric Cancer Cells

Study: Marijuana prevents spread of cancer

Cannabis Extract Fights ‘Incurable Form’ of Leukemia

Worth repeating: National Cancer Institute says pot fights cancer

Cannabis Oil Cures 8 Month Old Infant of Cancer, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months

Cannabis could cure cancer, US preventing marijuana research, study

Harvard Study says Marijuana Cures Cancer

The Top 4 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Brain Cancer

New Research Shows Marijuana Compounds Do Fight Cancer

Cannabis Can Prevent Cancer Caused By Cigarette Use, According To New Study

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

34 Medical Studies for the Skeptic Confirming that Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

The endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide, induces cell death in colorectal carcinoma cells: a possible role for cyclooxygenase 2

German Scientists Have Confirmed an Amazing Link between Cannabis and Cancer Suppression


Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms

Marijuana could actually cure HIV (we’re not making this up)!

60 Peer-Reviewed Studies on Medical Marijuana


Israel embraces the miracle of marijuana …

Cannabis Kills All Known Germs..Dead..Including MRSA Superbug

Marijuana Could Block H.I.V.’s Spread. No, Seriously.

Shocking Results: Woman Replaces 40 Medications With Raw Cannabis Juice

Study: Marijuana Less Likely to Cause Crash Than Other Drugs

Auto Insurance Site Says Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers

Marijuana terpenes and their effects

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4 Responses to The Marijuana Studies That Health Canada Says Don’t Exist

  1. Stress and depression:


    As it turns out, many of the medicinal elements in cannabis are some of the most effective anti-cancer agents known. According to research done by Rob Callaway in a yet-to-be published work, cannabis has been found to be effective in wide range of cancers;

    “Multiple animal and preclinical studies, as well as a few case and/or pilot studies strongly suggest that cannabinoids are cancer fighting agents for a wide range of cancers, including breast carcinoma (Cafferal et al., 2010; Cafferal, Sarrió, Palacios, Guzmán, & Sánchez, 2006; De Petrocellis et al., 1998; Ligresti et al., 2006; McAllister, Christian, Horowitz, Garcia, & Desprez, 2007), prostate cancer (Mimeault, Pommery, Wattez, Bailly, & Hénichart, 2003; Ruiz, Miguel, & Diaz-Laviada, 1999; Sarfaraz, Afaq, Adhami, & Muhktar, 2005), pancreatic adenocarcinoma (Carracedo et al., 2006; Michalski et al., 2008), colorectal carcinoma (Patsos et al., 2005), skin carcinoma (Casanova et al., 2003), neuroblastoma (Guzmán, 2003), lung carcinoma (Guzmán, 2003; Preet, Ganju, & Groopman, 2008), uterus carcinoma (Guzmán, 2003), oral cancer (Whyte et al., 2010), cervical carcinoma (Ramer & Hinz, 2008), lymphoma (Gustafsson, Christensson, Sander, & Flygare, 2006; Gustafsson et al., 2008), gliomas (Blázquez et al., 2003; Blázquez et al., 2004; Galve-Roperh et al., 2000; Guzmán et al., 2006; Massi et al., 2004; Sánchez, Galve-Roperh, Canova, Brachet, & Guzmán, 1998), leukemia cells (Jia et al., 2006; Powles et al., 2005), and biliary tract cancers (Leelawat, Leelawat, Narong, & Matangkasombut, 2010). In fact, the evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that the cannabinoids have anticancer properties, with hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to date demonstrating these effects (see for a list of over 800 peer-reviewed cannabis and cancer references).”

  2. Jack A. says:

    Well done Russell, well done.

  3. Cancer patients can benefit from using medical marijuana, whether as an alternative cancer treatment or to help mitigate unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy.


  4. Rona is being willfully ignorant. Some of the CONs actually really believe cannabis is harmful. I would like to ask a question after a statement. Dr. Grinspoon has studied this plant for over 4 decades and he has found it to be NON-TOXIC. My question is what part of NON-TOXIC did you not understand? What harms? It may make your heart rate increase. For most people it is a good thing. For those with heart problems take it in a form that does not do that or change strains. It does not cause mental problems but it shows people they have mental problems. What is wrong with that? I think it is better to know you have an illness that can be triggered by cannabis. again if you are in a situation like that try different methods of ingestion or different strains. Past that what harms are there? Smoking? Fine; do dabs or vape or eat a cookie. Katt Williams said it best- Happy, Hungry , Sleepy – those are the effects. Someone prove to me the harm! I dare you!

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