A New Dilemma For Cops


More and more, people are using vapour pens to use their tobacco products. I applaud this, not only because it is healthier for the user, but because it doesn’t stink up public spaces the way cigarettes and pipes do. Tobacco, to me, smells like burning dog poo. Some people think that because I use cannabis, I must also use tobacco, and I tell them “No, I don’t use tobacco because I don’t want to smell like a homeless person…”.

I have even seen people use these devices on OC Transpo bus platforms and buses.

But the best part about these devices is that they can be used for cannabis as well. My wife and I use the Two Hoot vaping pen, and it works great. Many of my wife’s seizures have been adverted because we can deliver a big dose of cannabis instantly. The only problem is finding the gunk to put in it.

So now police have an interesting choice: Do they simply ignore people using these devices, and just assume everyone is using tobacco? Or do they stop and search everyone that they see using them, assuming they might be using marijuana?

I expect they will continue with the policy that they know and love: Profiling the young, people of colour, and the poor…. searching random people with no probable cause. They are sure to catch enough stoners to justify their time and effort.

Since there is no smell – even from cannabis products – the police could decide “Well, I smell nothing, so I have no probable cause…”… Or they could decide “That guy looks like a stoner so I am going to assume it is pot and search him.”

Now… what do you think the cops are going to do? Be honest. Me? I think they will arbitrarily pull some new rule out of their asses to give them more powers of intrusion and coercion. I think they will see these devices as a major obstacle to whatever it is they think they are doing, and demand new bylaws to give them powers.

Or maybe they will do what they have been doing for years: break the law with impunity – searching and harassing people based on the flimsiest hunch.

But if they bother me or my wife, they can expect to have serious charges laid against them – against the officers personally – for reckless endangerment and even attempted murder.

I am not kidding. This is our medicine – the same kind of medicine that is curing people’s cancers and stopping little babies’ seizures. I urge the police to leave us and everyone else alone and go find some real crimes to thwart. Maybe check out the front lawn of any of the high schools in town – lots of teens using tobacco illegally there. That’s a crime. Go solve that crime.

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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