Marijuana Should Be Sold To Kids Like Chocolate Or Cola

17-why-is-junk-food-so-damn-good-When we look at the science and history of cannabis, we see that it is safer than cola, coffee, or chocolate. When one considers that cola and chocolate products almost always have a lot of sugar in them, and coffee sometimes has sugar, we realize that cannabis is much safer. And when we factor in the myriad medical benefits of cannabis, we see that our public policy is downright absurd.

Anyone who says that sugar isn’t a drug has never seen a kid eat a lot of sugar. Same with caffeine. But then I guess it is ok to have kids jumping around high on sugar… but not lying around laughing because they are high on pot…? That is a weird culture you have there…

In my opinion, people should avoid sugar and caffeine like poison, but it is also reasonable to suggest that letting a kid have a can of Mountain Dew or an Aero bar once in a while is not a big deal. The problems come when the kid is doing it too often, and it leads to other problems like diabetes, obesity, dental decay, and stupidity.

Sadly, Canadian parents have dropped the ball over the past 30 years. With about one third of Canadians (of all ages) being obese, and another third being merely overweight, Canadian parents have – in my view – lost all of their “Hey, you can’t let kids have that!” privileges. I see them in the food courts and grocery stores, feeding their families garbage. I see their chubby, whiny brats as they have their sugar-crash in the department store or on the bus. I see them buying giant chocolate bunnies at Easter. The worst part is – they know what they are doing. It isn’t like parents think McDonald’s is real food, they know perfectly well that they are doing at least some harm.
Now, obviously no sane person wants to see little kids (or teens) lying around stoned on the lawn, all red-eyed and giggling… any more than we would want to see them all fat and lazy from junk food, or bouncing off the walls from too much caffeine. Responsible parents would teach and monitor their kids so that they would know how much chocolate, cola, or marijuana was enough, or too much.

As it stands now, we could literally sell pot from corner stores to any kid of any age, and they could not possibly have any more access than they do already. Just about any kid of any age can find pot in Canada in under a day. There is a glut on the market. The more clever ones can even buy it on line.

Further, we are only talking about 15-20% (of the 10-18-year-old population) who are using pot more than once in a while, with maybe 3-4% who are using it weekly or daily, and a fraction of 1% who are doing it too much and having problems at home or at school.

That is nothing compared to the fifty to sixty percent of Canadian kids who currently have weight issues. The notion that allowing pot to be sold next to Hershey bars is somehow going to endanger the public is pretty absurd. Kids who want pot, get pot. No one has obeyed the law in decades. The kids who don’t use pot now, will probably not start if the rules changed.

This raises an important question: If kids have ubiquitous access to pot now, and selling it in stores would not increase their access or the danger posed to them, then why bother? Why not just make it 18 and over like tobacco and booze?

Well, for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that if Old Man Corner Store doesn’t sell your kid a clean pot cookie or a clean and bar-coded 2-gram baggie, some 20-something creepo will sell him something outside. jay and sb

That guy deserves no customers. His product will likely come from some gang-grow, or his own crappy indoor or outdoor shwagg, and he will overcharge your kids, taking your hard-earned money and giving it to people who possibly also deal in who-knows-what?

Secondly, kids can smell hypocrisy a mile away, so telling them pot is too dangerous for them, while adults use it like the health supplement that it is, will not sit well with them. Whether they want to use marijuana or not, they will resent being lied to, and especially so badly!

Third, having police not bother with pot use at all will help restore some public faith in law enforcement. People of all ages have lost respect for police and even police work as a whole, because the police not only waste endless time and resources trying to stop pot from being grown and sold and used, but because they lie about it. They lie about marijuana, they lie about their busts, they lie about the merits of prohibition. They no longer deserve any say in marijuana policy, period. They lost all their privileges too. The only time a cop should be involved in a marijuana issue, is if someone stole some pot.

This raises another important question: If, in the future, kids have ubiquitous access to pot in corner stores like chocolate, how do we keep them from using it?

You don’t. You teach them the facts, you instil in them a sense of moderation and humility and grace, and you monitor their behaviour so they don’t get the chance to abuse pot any more than they would chocolate or cola. Keep them busy. Get involved in their lives. Give teachers the tools to teach to these issues honestly, and begin public information campaigns urging sensible use.

And no, you don’t need to be a parent to figure that out. ______________________________________________________________

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12 Responses to Marijuana Should Be Sold To Kids Like Chocolate Or Cola

  1. you do realize the human body needs sugar to live right?? to say that one should avoid it like poison is to say that one should try to kill themselves.

    • russellbarth says:

      I am talking about processed sugars, high-fructose corn-syrup, and other sugar-packed foods.
      You realize, of course, that they could take 90% of the sugar out of a can of coke, and it would still taste JUST as sweet? It’s true – the mouth can only taste so much, like painting layer upon layer of paint onto a wall, the wall only really contacts the first layer. the other layers are superfluous.

    • jud says:

      Jim. The human body needs sugar, but it can process its own and it absolutely does not need to be dietary. The evidence is pretty clear that we should avoid about 95% of the sugar we arecoming into contact with.

    • I think he’s referring to refined sugar. The body needs the natural sugar found in whole food like fruit etc. Refined sugar on the other hand lights up the same centres of the brain as cocaine does and has been found to induce addictive physiological reactions such as withdrawal. Not so good, methinks. There’s a cool doc on it actually. I’ll try to find it for you if interested…

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  3. russellbarth says:

    One other thing: What kid under the age of 11 is handed money and just told to go buy stuff?
    My impression is that kids up to about 10 or 11 ask for a specific thing, then are given money to get that item.
    “Mom, can I have a KitKat?”
    “Ok, but don’t eat it until after you ate your lunch, k?” (hands him a toonie).

    So, if by 10 or 11 years old, your kid doesn’t know about marijuana and how to use it responsibly… like chocolate or cola… then that is on YOU.

  4. maxwood says:

    “Letting a kid have a can of Mountain Dew”— this key statement really makes my point. Your kid should know about marijuana and how to use it responsibly– and same goes for pop! The “standard” non-resealable 12-ounce can promoted by predatory corporations is NOT responsible!

    1. If you have a blender, make sure every kid from age 3 knows how to use it! A SMOOTHIE can combine nutritious veggies with a tiny amount of meat (for flavoring) and a tiny amount of pop (for flavoring)– let them learn how to “use up” leftovers out of the fridge (or out of the garbage) adventurously. Respect for money management!

    2. The “joint” ($igarette advertising disguised as cannabis) is a drug cocktail of heat shock, carbon monoxide and 4221 combustion toxins causing “lying around stoned” behavior harm blamed on the cannabis. Kids should know what a VAPORIZER is and also how to make their own Flexible Drawtube One-Hitter (25-mg single toke instead of 500-mg joint) out of $1.29 worth of parts left lying around in your garage by the previous God.

    3. How to vaporize with a one-hitter: hold heat source (such as a lighter flame) an inch or so BELOW the opening of the screened crater with 25 mg of herb inside, so that 385F/195C air enters– “suck slow, don’t glow till after 19 seconds or so”.

  5. laith says:

    Good wright up, there would certainly have to be a age limit, and etc, but all makes sense, regulating it is as easy as giving a card or using driver license #, on a online data base to regulate how much medicine was sold in that day. ” Ok mam youve purchased 2 cookies and 4 rolled cannabis joints today, youve reached your limit for today..” as simple as that.

  6. I think we’re in agreement on many things here, Especially about teaching kids the truth about all intoxicants, including alcohol, weed and etc. Russell, we should talk. I’m in Ottawa. You go to Crosstown much? We could meet there someday for a chat. I prefer these conversations in person,. 🙂 I genuinely appreciate your time and your effort and passion for the cause.

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