The Coy Ploy Being Played On The Pot Nation


Given that the Harper Regime sitting in power now is an illegal and illegitimately-implanted government and their policies are all based in acrimony and madness, and given that their rigging of elections pretty much guarantees their majority rule for another decade at least, let’s talk about the hypothetical future, and the Liberal Party’s proposed plan to “legalize” marijuana.

To be fair, the LPC is a third-place party and they are not really obliged to come up with a marijuana policy at all, yet. But they opened up this can of worms, so here we go.

Their proposed draft plan looks more like “Tobacco 2.0” than actual “legalization”, but that hasn’t stopped the media or the CPC from suggesting that that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is proposing. In fact, even Marc and Jodie Emery seem to have been taken in by Justin’s coy ploy.

People say things like “baby steps” and “step in the right direction” and then accuse me of being “negative” because I point out that a known public liar is publicly lying once again. Or, if he is not lying, then the plan he offers is nothing like the “legalization” we have collectively envisioned for decades.

One example that makes me wary is Marc Emery’s assertion that he smoked pot with Justin Trudeau many years ago – an assertion that Trudeau flatly denies. I believe Emery was telling the truth, and that Trudeau is lying. Now they are teaming up? I don’t get it.

I do agree that people should vote Liberal or strategically in the (ostensibly) coming federal election for no other reason than to get Harper out, but to suggest that Justin Trudeau is actually going to legalize marijuana is – in my opinion – a bald-faced lie. No matter who’s mouth it comes out of, I cannot look at the past forty years of LPC shenanigans and still be credulous about this marijuana issue. Nor, I think, should anyone else.

Jodie Emery and others point out that having a federal leader speak like this is a huge positive, and, I would agree if I thought he were actually telling the truth. But I don’t. I believe Elizabeth May when she says it, and sort-of believed Jack layton when he said it, but I simply cannot believe anything that comes out of Justin’s mouth.

In fact, I seriously doubt Justin Trudeau has any real intention to even table a marijuana-legalizing legislation. I think it is merely political expediency to distance himself from Old Mean Dad Harper on this issue. I expect Trudeau will keep promising and promising, right through the election, and if he actually gets elected PM (what with low voter turnout and CPC-rigged elections), “legalization” will be repeatedly shelved. The promises will continue, however, as busts and incarcerations continue to increase every year. 

But even if Justin himself is sincere about this issue – which I find impossible to believe – I doubt his party will let him do it. About half the party still thinks that pot should remain illegal, and because individual MPs have personal loyalties to police and other “shareholders” in their constituencies, I expect Justin we be fighting his own party on this issue just as hard as he has to fight the public, the media, the opposition, or the Tory-stacked Senate.

If Justin manages to win, and if he does actually table a legislation that he will call “legalization”, what can we expect? Well, based on their proposed draft platform, and things The (um) Great (like) Orator has said publicly, this is what I see coming:

– Strictly-limited home-growing, for medical use only, but the cops will be all up in your business often to “regulate” it. The long wait times and paperwork screw-ups that Medical Marijuana users have endured for more than a decade will continue, of course.

– Arbitrary restrictions on carry-around amounts, plant numbers, and home storage limits will be enacted and enforced heavily. Your neighbour can still store up enough booze for 20 years if he likes, but pot users will be limited to an ounce or something ridiculous.

– Police lies about marijuana and prohibition will continue unabated, and unchallenged by the media.

– Arbitrary and non-scientific driving restrictions that will face Charter Challenges the first day they are used.

– Limited large-scale growing. Limited to corporations, I mean. Onerous taxes, security protocols, inspectors, cops… and people growing tons of seedy, twiggy, chemical-rich weed that will likely be weaker and more expensive than the extra-legal products sold on “the street”. 

– Commercial sales to adults in stores, with huge markup and onerous taxation that will, like the tobacco situation now, facilitate increased contraband production and sales, especially to minors. The pot will be lacking in potency and purity, driving people to the extra-legal market.

– Arbitrary new restrictions and rules against dabbing wax, hash, tinctures, high-concentrate oils, and pretty much anything other than “dried marihuana”…. will be subject to busts and sanctions.

– Cops will be granted new, broader, Charter-ignoring powers of intrusion and coercion – especially when it comes to driving, and they will get corresponding budget increases “to fight the added dangers” of marijuana “legalization”. “Stop and Frisk” – which is already unofficially standard operating procedure in every single police department in Canada, will become official.

– Stiffer penalties for people who sell pot to kids. Even teens will still face jail time under Justin’s “legalization” scheme. Which means it isn’t legal at all, is it. Because if one person can go to jail for pot possession or growing, then it isn’t legal. It isn’t.

– Dealers continuing to sell to kids outside corner stores and in schools and in playgrounds because the kids won’t be able to buy it at the store themselves.

teen justin

– Endless DARE and MADD-generated science-free propaganda aimed at kids, telling them how evil and dangerous marijuana is and what a gigantic danger it presents to road safety.

– Increased teen pot abuse, and by “abuse” I don’t mean “use”, or even getting high often… I mean kids using their pot-use as an excuse to ditch school or not exercise or not participate in life like a non-stoner. The message (under the LPC plan) that pot is legal for adults and totally not for kids will further entice them to use it.

– Zero advertising of the medical program. Sick people will have to hope they get lucky enough to hear about it on social media. You won’t see any “Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Here To Help You” posters in bus shelters, but you will likely see a lot more DARE and MADD posters. And commercials. 

– Increased hassle and scrutiny for doctors who prescribe marijuana – far more onerous than what other doctors who prescribe Oxycontin will face. The Liberals, I expect, will do like the CPC have done, and just keep letting police write their public health policy, and all the canoes full of science will do nothing to sway them.

– Taxpayer-funded, forced-rehab based in abstinence teachings will be inflicted on teens. Any and all under-age pot use will be considered “abuse” and subjected to jail or “treatment”. If the past is any indication, the “treatment” will be what is has always been: pharmaceuticals and indoctrination. The kid eating 17 Slim Jims and a 2L bottle of Coke at lunch will continue to be free to do as he pleases.

Then, after a few years of this ridiculous mess, the police will say it is “no longer feasible” and we all “need to go back” to prohibition. They will go out of their way to bust every single teen pot user they see, then use those increased bust-numbers to justify their balderdash propaganda about how “legalization” is making their job too complicated. Then Justin will smile and shrug and say “Um, well, like, y’know, um, I, like, um, tried….”

Anyone with even half a brain can see where this plan is going to end up. There will be pot sold in stores to wealthy people, but black people will get pulled over and charged even more often than they are now. Pot-using teens will face even more hassle and scrutiny from school and police, and school suspensions and criminal charges will be given to pot users – for doing something safer than the kids who are illegally smoking contraband tobacco on school property. Police corruption will continue to increase. The disproportionate sentencing – where a native or black kid gets sent to jail for the same “crime” that gets the white kid a “rehab” stay – will remain in place, of course, because the courts cannot be trusted to dispense justice.

To my astonishment and disappointment, The Prince and Princess Of Pot seem ok with this plan, calling it “a step in the right direction”. But it isn’t. It is, at best, a lateral move, and at worst, a complete bamboozle. If Justin wins, and if this policy is implemented, marijuana users will still be treated as second class citizens, stigmatized, and forced to deal with police officers in ways that coffee-drinking and tobacco-smoking teens won’t.

Now maybe the Emerys can convince Trudeau to draft a sensible legislation, but to me, that is like someone walking into a pig barn in a white suit, declaring that they will not only clean the barn, but emerge without a single smudge of pig faeces on them.

Yeah, well, Obama seemed pretty awesome before he became President, and look how that turned out.


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Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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5 Responses to The Coy Ploy Being Played On The Pot Nation

  1. Dana Larsen says:

    So you’re voting Liberal, but it’s ok because you don’t really believe them on this issue. But if someone else votes Liberal, they’re a dupe? Your column really makes no sense.

    • russellbarth says:

      Yeah, it does. If people want to vote Liberal thinking “At least he isn’t Harper”, then that is wise. If they vote Liberal thinking that the LPC is actually going to legalize pot, I would say that is foolhardy.
      Not saying “don’t vote liberal”, just saying “don’t believe the pot hype”
      Big difference.

  2. Chris Buors says:

    Marc Emery has admitted he lied and Justin told the truth!

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