An Open Letter To Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

Last week you were quoted as saying  “Marijuana is not a health food supplement. It’s not great for you.”

This is a demonstrably untrue statement, scientifically inaccurate, and detrimental to the public good. Shame on you.

Studies indicate that marijuana is, indeed, a health food supplement, more powerful, effective, and safe than many of the other things on the shelves at health food stores like ginger and kava kava and so on. But I doubt you will “believe” that. I suppose you have a different “opinion”, about it. But, sadly, facts say one thing and your opinion says another. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

You said that your thinking has evolved, that you have been reading more science on the subject of cannabis. Did you stop at 1992? Because if you had read some of the more recent studies showing how cannabis shrinks tumors, treats things like Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and how it stimulates the growth of new neural tissue, you would likely be saying “Marijuana is a powerful medicine that needs to be studied at length. Not only will a Liberal government legalize marijuana, we plan to study, refine, and promote it globally as a health-benefit.” THAT is what you should be doing, IF you want to base you marijuana policy on science and fact instead of conjecture, hyperbole, fear, ideology, and “accepted wisdom”.

But then, THAT position would be in keeping with the science available today. By the time you are elected in 2015, other countries like Spain and Israel will be so far ahead of us in the researching of cannabis-therapeutics, there might not be much left for us to discover. Not that you will ever have anyone in the Canadian Media challenge you on any of your mis-speaks about cannabis. You’re safe there.

Which leads me to believe that you are not entirely honest about actually legalizing marijuana. Yes, I believe you are sincere when you say that you think legalization is a better way to fix the problems associated with marijuana, but I doubt you can actually make it happen, even if you wanted to. You think pot should be legal, but your comments indicate that you still think pot is a bad thing, the use of which (like tobacco and alcohol) needs to be reduced in society. This opinion flies in the face of science and history, but, luckily for you, it is landing well with the misinformed, media-addled rubes that you are trying to entice into voting Liberal.

But by denouncing pot as a bad thing, by comparing it to almost-useless recreational substances like tobacco and alcohol, and by using anachronistic terms like “pusher”, you demonstrate a breathtaking lack of understanding about the culture you are trying to get on your side. I found this lack of understanding to be even more astonishing, considering that you have (I have heard) met with representatives from NORML and Educators For Sensible Drug Policy.

Try to imagine a Tory saying something as outrageously offensive as; “Homosexuals are all mentally ill – we know that. But that doesn’t mean we should jail them. They deserve rights.”, and you get the idea of how offensive your comments were to me. Marijuana got me out of a wheelchair, Justin. It keeps me and my wife out of the hospital, and out of the grave. It keeps me from drinking and drugging myself stupid, or bingeing on junk food. It pretty much cured the erectile problems I have had since my teen years. I don’t get high, I barely get a buzz – but I do get symptom alleviation the likes of which I cannot get anywhere else.

I know the bridge between you and I was burnt long ago – ostensibly because of my relentless badgering on Twitter for you to enter the 21st century on this issue – so I won’t bother asking to meet with you. But I think you and your advisers need to talk directly Canada’s biggest-name activists, and very soon: Dana Larsen, David Malmo-Levine, Matt Mernagh, Allison Myrden, Eugene Oscapella, and Jodie Emery. These people will set you straight. There are others, but these are the ones you need to see first.

The weirdest part of all this is how the public and media are trying to portray you as a “radical”, with radical “new” ideas about legalizing pot, as if it were some crazy idea. It is absurd. It is actually sort of amusing, or it would be, if it were not so life-and-death frightening for my sick wife and me.

You said “Marijuana is not a health food supplement. It’s not great for you.”… but it IS. I am living proof. I use 12 grams every day and my health only continues to improve. But this will come crashing to an end in April of next year, because Health Canada is taking away our designated grower permits, so we will have no affordable source of medicine after April 1, 2014.

So good luck in 2015. Doubt I will be around to see it.

Russell Barth
Caregiver/Medical Marijuana User/PTSD Survivor

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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5 Responses to An Open Letter To Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

  1. rlbfitzy says:

    Reblogged this on Country Roads and Maple Leaves and commented:
    This is just one of many reasons in a growing list why I told the guy trying to get me and my wife to support the Liberals in our ryding to go away and don’t come back as we are very much supporters of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

    I really wish people would do their research on a given subject before shooting from their hip because anyone with a few healthy brain cells and at least an hour or so of research would realize that the Liberal repersentative saying these things is clearly talking out of his ass.

    Simply put Russell knows exactly what he talks about and while I personally don’t need Canabis in a medical sense, I am in support of those who do as I have a good buddy in the states who suffers from nasty anxiety problems that a simple legal fix of canabis would fix instead of him having to depend on seven diffrent types of medication which costs too much out the wazoo for him to afford so he can keep in check what canabis would practically cure.

  2. smile breathe and go slowly says:

    Reblogged this on Smile breathe and go slowly's Blog and commented:
    Russell is a friend…someone I knew back in high school and liked immediately. We reconnected a few years back and he (along with his amazing wife) have really opened my eyes to the myriad of issues surrounding medical marijuana usage. This is a fantastic and intelligent letter of response he wrote to Justin Trudeau, who claims to be pro-legalization, while still sending outdated and mixed messages as to his reasoning. Cannabis HAS cured cancer for many people, it HAS helped with epileptic seizures in adults and children, it HAS helped with a load of other medical issues that modern medicine fail to cure ( without drastic side effects) do yourself a favor, educate yourself on this issue….approx 50% of us will have cancer at some point in our lives. wouldn’t you like to be informed NOW on how to cure it?

  3. Excellent, well put. I felt much the same way about what he said. Typical political fence-sitting bullshit!

  4. charlier64 says:

    Well said Russell. Very much to the point of the issue, and well written, as well. I agree wholeheartedly! If he really wants to get elected to HELP PEOPLE and do his duty to this country, he will begin tackling the MMAR switching over to the MMPR and fight for patients to get their grow permits back and/or FULL LEGALIZATION immediately. Decrim is a total joke.

  5. Legalization is the only thing that will solve this issue — and I am not speaking as a user (I don’t), but as a retired public health professional that spent a career looking at harm reduction … but in the case of cannabis, used responsibly, it is a huge benefit to one’s overall health, including the juicing of raw, non-psychoactive cannabis (See Work of Dr. William Courtney). There IS no rational, logical reason that cannabis should be illegal — it is about ideology, control and $.

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