An Open Letter To All The Federal Liberal Leadership Candidates of 2013

(David Bertschi, Martin Cauchon, Deborah Coyne, Marc Garneau, Martha Hall Findlay, Karen McCrimmon, Joyce Murray, George Takach, & Justin Trudeau)

I would like to preface this by saying that you can probably count on my vote in the next federal election, as the realities of math dictate that if I want to block the Tory in my riding, then I must vote Liberal. This is difficult for me, as all of you seem to take roughly the same position on the issue of cannabis prohibition, that being;

a) that cannabis is bad, a drug that needs to be avoided
b) that people should not use it, but should be allowed to, if they want to
c) and that prohibition is the wrong way to accomplish this goal

Here’s my problem with that;

a) Cannabis is good, not bad. The science shows that it has amazing anti-cancer, ant-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, and it’s other medical properties are well documented. I am living proof: I use 12 grams every day… 9 eaten and 3 vaporized (and sometimes smoked). My health only continues to improve. The government should be putting billions into researching this plant and it’s vast medical potential, but none of you, to my knowledge, have made that promise. Israel, Spain, and other countries will leave us in the dust with their policies and science. While they discover new, cheap, effective medicines, Canada will still be jailing growers and giving kids who get caught toking a new prescription for Ritalin.

b) More people should be using cannabis, and more of it. Not only for “medical reasons” like AIDS and cancer, but every day, because of the myriad health benefits it offers. The science supports this. Juicing raw cannabis, for example, has been shown to reduce obesity. I don’t need to remind you that a full third of the population is obese right now, and another third are overweight. These myths about cannabis “causing” mental illness and the like have all been repeatedly and soundly debunked, but still, many of you stick to the old “not our grandfather’s pot” tag line. It is embarrassing. Truly. Like watching an old person tell a racist joke, it gives me a knot in my stomach to hear any of you discuss cannabis.

c) Indeed, prohibition has failed. Anyone can see that. But all of you seem prepared to continue to approach this issue from a “we need to reduce pot use” standpoint, which is still prohibitionist in it’s attitude. Your party’s proposed 4 oz limit, for example, and Trudeau’s recent use of the anachronistic term “Pusher” in an interview, demonstrates, to me, a profound misunderstanding of this issue. You should be taking the approach that “we need to manage the fact that more and more people use – and will be using – pot in the coming decades”. The latter position is in keeping with the laws of science and nature and observable fact. YOUR position – all of you individually, and collectively – offer only “prohibition-lite”.

Some in the Liberal Party has even gone so far as to take credit for beginning the Medical Marijuana Program at Health Canada, as if your party had NOT fought tooth and nail – for years – to prevent sick people from getting their medicine.

So what can we do about this? We have tried to point out to you, to the party, the media, and the public, that the Liberal Party’s position on cannabis is pretty bold – for 1973 – but is only 10% of what is needed for the coming decades. This has fallen largely on deaf ears.

How do all of you defend your archaic position on this issue? Because what I see is a lot of embarrassing, misinformed, nonsense. And I have been hearing the Liberals promise cannabis-law reform for about 40 years now, only to watch your party crank up prohibition once they got power. Every time. So, really, how can any sane and informed person believe that your party will ever “legalize” cannabis? This strikes me as another Lucy and the football trick with Charlie Brown. The media and the rest of Canada might be falling for it, but I’m not.

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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