You Call THIS “Freedom”?

So I have been looking at the law changes regarding marijuana in Colorado and Washington State. Some are even calling it “legalization”. I call it “a slightly longer leash”.

In North America, people can fill up their basements, garages, barns, or sheds with enough food, water, fuel, booze, medicine – some parts even guns and ammo – anything they need, for five or ten years. As far as I know, there is no law saying you are only allowed to produce and store so much of your home-made beer or wine, and if there was, I doubt it has ever been enforced.

But more than one ounce of pot in Colorado and Washington State and you could still face charges. More than a few plants, same thing.

This is not freedom.

“Freedom” means I never have to talk to a cop about my pot ever again. Ever.

“Freedom” means I get to grow, carry, store, and use and much goddamned pot as I goddamn like.

“Freedom” means if I want to share it with neighbours on a very small scale (as people do with their garden-grown food and home-baked goods), I am allowed.

“Freedom” means I can’t sell it commercially without some sort of regulation and oversight, but that I can produce and use it privately without any more hassle than Ol’ Man McTavish and his Prize-Winning Tomatoes.

Until I have that freedom, until I have the same level of freedom as coffee drinkers and booze users and fat teen junk food-munchers… until I am 100% free – I am not free at all.

A step in the right direction, maybe, but merely one step where 10 were needed. I would say that anyone who calls this longer leash “freedom” is a natural-born slave.



About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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