Jesus Visits Ottawa’s Pride Parade, 2012

So, with last year’s Jesus prank going so well, we decided to re-stage it. I gotta tell you, my wife Christine Lowe is an incredible woman. Not only is she risking a seizure 24/7 (they come on spontaneously, totally without warning), and battling chronic pain from a lifetime of seizures, she’s out there carrying a heavy backpack and shooting video at the same time! She was very sore and tired when we got home, and had three seizures the next day. Such a trouper! I cannot find words to express my love, respect, and admiration for her. I am so proud to have her in my life. Our friend Jen Spallin did a great job running around getting pics of Jesus, and you can view them here, as soon as she sends me a link.

Aside from having Jen shoot pics, we brought better camera gear this year, I wired myself up for audio, and walked the whole route of the parade just ahead of the parade so I could pose with people as they seemed keen to do. We brought extra power, extra memory, and water.

Here are the photos that Christine took, after the video was done, on facebook.

Here are some stills gleaned from the video Christine shot.

Here is the 49-part series of video clips (total running time is only 30:07).


Part 8 – Talking to TV, and God-Heads, and Posing

Part 17 – Explaining Pot And The Bible To A Nice Lady

Part 21 – Humiliating Some God-Heads (Who Came Out Simply To Make Everyone Feel Bad)

Part 23 – Joking With The Police

Part 24 – Messing With The “Messed Me Up” Guy

Part 31 – Posing With The Ottawa Police

Part 35 – Posing With Yasir Naqvi, MPP

Part 42 – TWO Jesuses?

Part 43 – Jesus Talking To A Toddler

Part 48 – Girl Kisses Jesus’ Feet, and Gets Blessed

Part 49 – Cops Frisks Me For Photo Op

Special thanks to on bank street for their awesome sign making!

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Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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