Killing People Slowly With Low-Frequency Sound

Imagine that a garbage truck is idling outside your home. A soft, low-frequency hum can be felt, not unlike the hum that comes from a refrigerator, only stronger and lower. You don’t hear it with your ears, you feel it with your whole body. Subtle, gentle, but certainly there.

Now imagine the occupant of that garbage truck ever-so gently pushing the gas pedal down, so that the sound gets ever-so-slightly louder. The idling was tedious enough, but this intermittent “vroom-vrooming” is now bothersome. You feel compelled to go talk to the person in the truck and get them to stop, or leave.

We have all experienced something like that, right? We all understand that low-frequency sounds can be disturbing, even though you can’t “hear” them, right?

Now try sleeping through that.

I have been living with a similar nightmare for the past 10 nights… June 29th to the morning of July 8.

The sound – I am guessing – comes from the ventilation system on the roof of my building, one floor above me. Those big, boxy fan units that suck the stale air from the hallways and other common areas of the building and send it skyward… well they make noise, and they often need maintenance. And low-frequency noises can travel far along beams and down support walls and so on.

So in my building, this vent unit on the roof has been sending a low-frequency hum down my apartment walls. When we sit on the toilet, stand in the bathroom, or try to sleep in the bed, we can feel this subtle, low-frequency sound. It sort of hums along like normal, then it gets lower and “harder”, like motor bearing down to move something.


It is not something that happens once in a while, like a basement sump pump. It isn’t a constant, ongoing noise, like a neighbour’s window AC or a fan. Nor is the sound cycling through a series of timed sound changes, like someone doing laundry in the laundry room upstairs, or running a contraband dishwasher or washing machine in their apartment. No, this sounds like a bigger, heavier motor, that is running 24/7, and, and something has gone wrong with it, so it groans slightly…. Hard for 2-3 seconds, softer for 5-7, then hard for 2-4, then soft again.

I had noticed the sound months before (… it might have even been last summer, but I am pretty sure it was just this past spring heat wave….) and mentioned it to the superintendent, suggesting it might be the fan unit. They quickly adjusted something or other on said unit, and the sound was gone. This led them, and me, to conclude that the fan was, indeed, the source of the bothersome and mysterious Low-F sound.

Then, on June 25th or 26th, I noticed that it was back. It seems to get worse in the hotter weather. I mentioned it to the super. They fixed it again. I saw the super in the hall the next day and told him thanks, and to thank the other guy for me please. That was the 26th or 27th.

Friday the 29th, the sound was back. Being a holiday weekend, I figured nothing would get done until Tuesday anyway, so I toughed it out and didn’t call it in. My mistake. A big one. I figured that with the heat we were having, I was unlikely to sleep that well anyway, so I just let it slide.

Tuesday, July 3, I talk to the super. I tell him the sound is back and needs fixed again.

I see the other super later in the day, he tells me he tightened the thing again and hopes it will work. No reason why it shouldn’t, we figured – it has worked before.

Tuesday night the sound was even worse. Still subtle, but louder. And this sound, mind you, is just barely loud enough to keep a person awake, but moreso if they are sensitive like me. If one was really tired, or a bit drunk or on medications, they might not even notice it. My wife sleeps through it, but she can sleep in very noisy situations.

She is, however, sleeping fitfully because she knows I am suffering with the noise. She sees me all bag-eyed and yawning and groggy during the day. I avoid the bedroom as my tossing and turning keeps her awake.

Wednesday, I tell the super, and the office of the landlord on the phone, that it is not fixed and to please go fix it properly. I tell the office that it must be fixed immediately or I may end up in the hospital.

Thursday, I am told a work order is set for Friday. My health begins to fade.

I speak to some technician late Thursday night, the emergency fix it guy, and he says he thinks he knows exactly what the problem is. He is the one who suggested the Low-F noise is travelling along beams because of where the unit sits in proximity to the rest of the building.

Friday, a young fellow comes by and asks what’s what? I tell him all about it. He stands around in my bathroom, but he can’t feel the sound. He says he looked at the unit and there is some cracking in the belt and he could change that, but…. he seemed to not believe me, like I was imagining it or it was too soft to make a fuss about. Keep in mind, it is Friday afternoon, and the ambient noise from the surrounding area in the form of traffic and construction is significantly higher than it would be at, say 10pm to 6 am when I am trying to sleep.

I explained that I have lived here for 4.3 years and that this sound is not normal. I told him that it had happened before, and that it had been fixed before. I told him that now, the fix that fixed it before, wasn’t fixing it now, and it needs, I thought, more serious repair from an actual expert.

I got the impression that I was talking to my landlord’s (a large company) general fix-it guy, and not an expert specifically in ventilation systems. I told the people at the office this very thing on Friday afternoon.

And Saturday morning.

And late Saturday night to the security guard.

And again Sunday morning.

And I have been emailing my landlord every day.

To help drown out the sounds of life as much as we can, we already have a fan going and a recording of a thunder storm that plays all night. We don’t know what else to do.

I have been told that the expert will be summoned today, Monday the 9th.

My friends suggest the usual: earplugs (which would do nothing on a low-f sound like this)…. move (not really practical as I have to give at least 60 days’ notice)…. go stay with a friend for a while (we have no friends who can accommodate our difficult needs)…. play noise or music in the room (done)… exercise before bed (near impossible due to pain)…. sleep aid drugs (can’t because of my health and addiction issues, and because of my wife’s epilepsy, I need to be sharp when woken).

It is not a sound that I had not previously-noticed, and am just noticing now, as it was fixed twice already and the absence of the sound was noted.
I am not imagining it, as my wife can hear it too.
I am not crazy, as everyone I talk to about it says “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean, that would drive me nuts.” So it is a real sound.

If they shut the fan off, and the sound persists, then it is not the fan. Might be the elevator machinery, in which case, that will need fixed, or I will definitely go insane because that is what drove us out of our last apartment.

So there is scant hope, unless they fix the noise, in which case, it is a towering non-issue. If, however, they don’t fix the noise, it is a life and death issue. I am genuinely scared.


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45 Responses to Killing People Slowly With Low-Frequency Sound

  1. Karen Platt says:

    Hi There, I am going through the same thing in my apartment and I think it i the central ac/heating, ventilation units the landlord installed in the windowless rooms(studies) in the newly renovated apartment beneath me. I too am going crazy because of it and it is affecting my health negatively . As well, the vent/ fan/blower they had installed in the bathroom downstairs sounds like someone is running a hair dryer in my apartment, The contractor who did the job is supposed to come tomorrow. I hope to God he can help me but I also found a way to show a bottle of poland spring vibrating on my desk by shining a light from behind it. I hope he hears the droning.
    They have to mitigate these sounds .
    Don’t be scared. You are entitled to quality of life and peace in your home.
    I wish you luck with this and total effin happiness in the holidays

  2. josie says:

    I moved into a new house in july 2008 and this is when I began to live with ‘the hum’. Research has assurred me that lots of people hear this and there are no definite explanations as to how we can stop it. Environmental noise pollution know it exists but cannot do anything to help as they do not have the equipment to hear such low frequencies! Luckily the rest of the family cannot hear it but I not only hear but feel it too especially at night. There are loads of websites that give info about radio waves and grey boxes on telegraph posts etc etc and loads of conspiracy theories as ‘the hum’ can be heard all around the world. I just know I never heard it before moving here and now live with it daily. As yourself it has affected my health. Lack of sleep means getting run down so being more likely to get viruses etc etc constant fatigue. Good luck with finding and fixing your ‘hum’ and if you nanage this I would love to know. – Josie

  3. Julie says:

    I sympathize with you. I am loosing sleep because of a low-frequency noise. In the past it was the fridge of the neighbour who lived above me and the fan of the next-door neighbour running all night. But last night the man above worked with me to find what the noise is. He turned off his fridge he fixed the neighbour’s fan which is on a timer – but kept running.
    But, I still hear the noise. The man could hear it but at a less level than me. It undulates.
    It makes life miserable to loose sleep and anywhere I go in my townhouse to sleep, I still hear it.

  4. Paul says:

    I have the same symptoms as others ,I have only started hearing this over the last 2 years and Ive been trying find a correlation between now and previously ,it might sound disgusting ,but for some time i have noticed i don’t produce anywhere near the amount ear wax i use to ,actually its non existent compared to previously.
    I’m curious as to whether others have found the same thing,i expect no shortage of people who will take the piss out of me or my comments.
    But desperation for a decent nights sleep is leading me to explore all possibilities.

  5. Anselm says:

    I wish you could help with the following problem. I have a neighbour who lives in the flat below me, who for the last 5 days or so, is using an equipment which works with low and high frequency sounds (probably combined) in order to transmit me insults and simply to terrorize me, calling me by the name and using strong violent language. The recordings which he played at that equipment were played to me at night, but I wasn’t able to distinguish the sounds, because it took time to gradually accomodate the listener by playing them at different levels, and finally make him (without his wanting it) perceive them. Given this mode of playing sounds with low and high frequency, it comes to dismantle one mentally. It makes one nervous and feel as if one is ill. The problem is that lately he is using this equipment at maximum capacity, and I don’t know how to defend myself agains his “attacks” . Moreover the authorities lack the necessary instruments to detect these attacks.

  6. BLUEBAS says:

    I can relate to your problem. I live in the country so all the hillbillies remove their exhaust systems because they can, they won’t be tested by the EPA because they are one county away from those tested. It’s stupid all the noise then you combine that with the Harly motorcycles and it becomes insane. So many people getting killed on motorcycles because they are being ignored windows rolled up and radio turned up full blast. Loud pipes have defeated their own purpose. The dumb ass next door drives his dirt bike around in his back yard at 8:00 on sat morning, sherrif say’s they can’t do anything because they are on private property. STUPID!

  7. Yuna says:

    I am having a similar issue as you. I am living in an apartment and the humming sound comes from the ventilating duct which connects the cooler on the roof to the downstairs apartment and goes through my room. I talked with the manager and they said the sound was totally valid and the apt is inhabitable. I have been suffered this which kept me all night up for 2 months. Finally, the manager provided me a transfer but refused to take any responsibility of the harmful effect to me (both physical and mental) for past 2 months. Because I am an international student in graduate school, I am wondering if I would like to pursue a legal approach to protect my own right, which department I can look for to give a judgement whether this noise is valid or not? I already checked both my neighbor’s apt (same floor as me) and neither of them had the hum. I appreciate for your help.

  8. Angelina Esparbé Gasca says:

    The everywhere is seems, I can not hear the hum but i feel it. heartbeats and shiverings and also tremors insid my organs can really hurt al lot!! lots of other people are heaving the same kind of problem everywhere around the globe.

  9. I sympathize. Have Asperger’s syndrome. A few years ago, I had several low-frequency noise problems at night (and day) issues. The first was with a neighbour who would sit in his car and smoke cannabis, day and night, rinning the car engine and revving the enging to keep it going. This wasn’t 24/7 but he would do it frequently during day and night. I confronted him (very difficult for somebody with/ without Asperger’s) and he was surprisingly reasonable about it. He even went off in his car to smoke and run the engine somewhere out of the neighbourhood, or he parked it the other side, away from houses.
    The second low-frequency noise started suddenly and carried on for several months, day and night. I was convinced the noise (rather like a low generator type noise but at times it would go wild and sound like a loud engine running) was coming from nearby mobile phone masts. So I wrote down the details of all the mobile phone mast companies in the area and wrote to one of them that operated the nearest mast to my place. It turned out, that the problem I thought was coming from a mobile phone mast, or possibly a generator, was coming from inside my head! Doctor diagnosed tinnitus but could offer no cure. I even had an MRI scan.
    I am not suggesting your noise is tinnitus, but I would investigate all possibilities because I was totally convinced the noises I was hearing were from an external source some hundreds of yards from where I lived.
    Wishing you the very best success in solving this distressing noise scourge.

  10. noise exhausted says:

    I’m going through this as well. It’s very difficult. I believe it is coming from a rooftop ventilation system down the road from me which happens to have a straight shot down a walkway right to my window/main apartment wall.
    I moved in before the warm weather and it was SO blissfully peaceful here. No longer.
    I drown it out when possible but it’s not that type of sound (as you all know)
    My ears end up actually feeling tired from it, and full. I get irritable. My bedroom, thank goodness, has a window facing another direction however I work from home so ALL DAY LONG I hear this sound. It is very difficult and I just pray that when the cool weather returns this sound will go away.

  11. David Peters says:

    I was living in a Sheltered Housing scheme. Something was installed on the roof. At 5 am it switched on … and woke me up – a LOUD, pulsating, buzzing hum. I reported it to the staff … but none of them could hear it – nor could any of the other tenants. Eventually I had to flee my flat, abandoning most of my possessions – they tried to get me sectioned (because I was having “auditory hallucinations”). I’ve always known that I’ve got very good hearing … what I didn’t realise is that most of the present day population seem to be suffering from hearing loss. The NHS don’t test below 250 hz. An awful lot of people seem to have no awareness of quite high LFS (100-120 hz), let alone the infrasounds below 20 hz.

  12. Dynamic says:

    I have NEVER lived in a place that wasn’t PLAGUED by noise, either from traffic, refrigerator, neighbors, etc. Even now the refrigerator is sending low-frequency, delivery truck motor-idling sounds through the apartment floor – it is a standing-wave pattern as I can avoid it by moving somewhat farther or closer to the fridge. This is in addition to the constant traffic noise from motorcycles, modified car and truck exhaust systems, school buses (EXTREMELY LOUD) along with the usual garbage trucks, etc. These problems all go away 90% with earplugs, but I’m wearing earplugs 90% of the time just to hear myself think. No wonder people live in their vehicles – IT IS QUIETER, and if it’s not quiet…they just drive to a quieter place.

  13. Don says:

    Be it noise ? Or be it smell ? Reality is, “IT IS “TRESSPASSING” !!!!!!!!!

  14. tormented - NEED QUIET says:

    I know your pain. I’ve lived with this low humming drone caused by exhaust fans that are permanently on. The property management installed them about a couple years ago. At first it was mainly in the bedroom and bathroom. I noticed the sounds the day they were turned on. I heard the people installing them, as they sound like elephants walking about the roof. I told management and got the caretaker to come by and listen. He said he heard “something” and called maintenance. The fans were installed just in time for winter and the property manager told me no one is going up there to fix anything until spring. That was months away.
    Until then, we were told to use earplugs. No. That is dangerous as they can get lodged deep in your ear. So, I got some earbuds and took my radio to bed with me and listened to some classical music to go to sleep. That is more tolerable than a low hum. It’s been torturous for my daughter who has sensitive ears and prone to migraines. We’ve both woken up with bad headaches. Some nights there was no sleeping. In the winter it’s the loudest, especially in -30 or -40C weather. We would have to sleep in the living room, where there was still a humming sound but not so much closer to the floor.
    It’s weird, the sound is at different frequencies depending on where you are in the rooms and your position.
    Management doesn’t believe me and thinks it’s all in my head. She actually asked me if I was “sick”. She said I wasn’t making any sense when I was trying to explain to her what I was going through. Instead of taking my word and investigating it better, she wanted me to log what I was experiencing for 2 weeks. At first I was trying to do this, then I thought maybe this is more for her to file away as some sort of evidence for HER claims that I’m “sick”.
    My mom has heard it. Friends have heard it. No one really stays over for long.
    The hum in the living room has now taken a more pulsating hum that induces pounding headaches and can be heard over the T.V. on high volume. I actually have to put my earbuds in and turn the T.V. up in order to drown out the hum. On top of that, my neighbors below me turn on their kitchen exhaust fan every evening and it sounds like a jack hammer.
    At night, me and daughter both sleep with our earbuds in and I either listen to an old T.V series I find on youtube, right now it’s Mr. Belvedere, or some sort of soothing white sound, like ocean waves, winter winds, or soft spa music. I’ve manage not to have my laptop fall off the bed…too much.
    Lot’s of reasons for these exhaust fans being installed have passed my mind. One is that they are trying to drive us out here so they can turn the place into condos or drive up the rents by hundreds of dollars.

    • Julie says:

      I’m sorry to hear of this and commiserate with your experience. I know it’s not easy to move, but maybe that would be your best solution. The landlord doesn’t seem to listen.

  15. mario says:

    I thought i was the only one. I hear the same shit all day 24/7 I have to sleep with earplugs wtf!!! Is it a low frequency device for rats & mice? 😫 fml
    (Bayne , Lasalle, Montreal)

  16. Dawn says:

    Same problem low frequency droning noise day and night and I live in just a mear row of terraced houses..I’m thinking it’s next door heavy fans and or a generator running, I have to wear earphones when I go to bed and listen to meditation stuff, my head feels musseled all the time horible like torture no one should be forced to suffer this awful intrusive noise ..feeling so miserable

    • Lilly says:

      Hi Dawn
      We have the same issue. Terraced house. Love our home but rents out next door. Never got on with landlord of the property but even despite this he has always addressed any issues I’ve brought up causing a nuisance. We used to get cooking smells from next door. Landlord installed an extractor above the cooker. However. He tends to be a cheapskate and uses an old couple ( family friends ) to maintain the property and DIY. God help us. U fortunately they installed s bathroom fan to extract damp last November. I heard this awful droning sound both I. My bathroom which is next to theirs upstairs and worse…. I heard it in my kitchen below . I asked the old guy what the hell it was and he told me the fab would only work when light switched on . Liar. The noise continued for 2 months until tenants moved in in January this year. They complained about the noise and after much ado we were told about the trip switch I. The cupboard. The dam thing had been allowed to run for 2 months solid. It nearly drove me and my daughter insane. I contacted the council who came out 3 times. They told me it wasn’t considers. Mouse nuisance. I was absolutely appalled. The letting agents were full of excuses and always ‘sending someone down’ to the property. Apparently an electrician came to view the fan. I recorded the noise level at 70 db. In my bathroom it was 56 db. We can still hear the noise when light is on. It seems to be fainter but the fact we can still hear it. In our bathroom. And our kitchen. And outside. Because it’s installed in the end party wall. I’m actually going to look into legal advice. I’m convinced this noise is breaking the law.

      • Dawn says:

        Omg Lilley that’s extremely loud mine reaches 30 dB’s and that’s distressing enough it is an environmental anti social noise..iv a theory to my problem in that the nieghbours are cultivating cannabis as alot of suspicious activity has been going on like dumping black bin bags on bin days elsewhere like streets away and frequent visits but it’s all in the hands of the Environmental officials and I’m still waiting for anyone to act on this a year later not good enough. .keep your complaint up with your environmental office and I hope you get somewhere Lilley

  17. Mike Hire says:

    I’ve been dealing with a “hum” again this ‘spring’ for third year -Mid Atlantic, strange ’spring’, one week cold one week breaking heat records ….

    Anyway, mostly at night starting as early as 10:30 PM, but usually around 1 AM on and off till 4AM – worse to deal with when it’s on for a minute then off 2 minutes for a half hour, then changes getting slowly more on than off blahblah balh aaaagh!

    The sound ‘concentrates’ in certain areas of my apartment, in fact, I can stand in one spot and hear/feel it and take one large step away and it’s gone. And that will happen often in the daytime but very random. Only been able to demonstrate to 1 person.

    However, I am able to record the wall vibrating in the bathroom at the same time – and there’s no water pipes there. The noise seem ‘centered’ there and is loudest, one can feel the wall vibrating and the sound will change depending on ‘pressure ‘applied to wall —as one finger or hand.
    You can also put your ear to the walls and hear the rumble.

    It sounds like something trying to adjust = the noise is an ‘up and down slow roar’ when heard from standing in the different rooms, with the addition of the vibration in the bathroom.

    I have a good relationship with landlord and he actually said he’s come by in the middle of the night to listen to it after hearing my recording , and he lives 20 miles away. But he is often around here taking care of the grounds and later that day the bathroom started vibrating and he heard and experienced it and said he’d never came across anything like this before, and he ’s owned these apartments 20 years and others – he’s retired Navy vet- and says this is a first.
    He checked neighbors apartment and figured it was their AC unit, said all he could think to do was change the unit for another ( has ‘em in storage on premises ) but didn’t see how that would stop it, in the mean time try to consider some other cause/solution .

    It lasted about 3 more months on and on totally random.

    This year little different, Mostly in a middle wall and i brought it up, thinking maybe it was something on roof, like exhaust fan, which he went and checked and did something to yesterday.
    Then the bathroom vibration came back last night and I recorded it ….. so here we go again !!

    I’ll post if we find a solution.

    Remember, get a recorder and make sure it can be recorded —different problem and different solution if the noise can’t be recorded. Still, if the wall isn’t vibrating then this will be tuff for a cheap recorder.

    Put your ear to the walls and try to find the loudest place – you’ll hear a low rumble even far away.

    The sound can be in your ears ! water can get trapped in your eustachian tubes, this can also cause problems with vertigo ( dizziness, trust me, I’ve had the problem ), and other inner ear noises and troubles. It’s up to you to demonstrate that the sound is ‘environmental’ or ‘in your head’ in order to find a solution- and btw hearing noises and worrying about it can cause your brain to make ‘patterns’ out of random sounds ( that means words ! before long you’re actually ‘hearing voices’ !-
    so try to relax – get someone to stay with you ).

    I’ll follow up if we learn anything of use,
    take care all,
    wish me peace !


  18. J says:

    This low frequency vibration noise is destroying me. I haven’t had a good sleep for 10 years now, as soon as I moved in with my SO. The situation is complicated by the fact that my SO owns the flat and so we cannot move (although, hopefully, we are looking to sell and move this year).

    My neighbours run their appliances (washing machine/dryer, boiler/water-heater tank) at night. We live in a flat in a Victorian (terraced) house, built in 1890s, and our neighbour’s kitchen is adjacent to our bedroom (via a party wall). Although you can’t exactly tell which appliance is on (though you can hear that something is on), you can feel the vibration. My SO is not bothered by all this as he can only barely hear/feel anything. I, on the other hand, can hear/feel the noise very well and it prevents me from falling asleep at night – it takes hours of tossing and turning, and only when absolutely exhausted, I finally fall asleep (usually at around 1-2 am). I also wake up as soon as the appliances are on – at 5:30ish am. My muscles tense up (unconsciously) when the appliances are on and I can’t relax. Our floorboards are vibrating in a cyclic manner, along with our bed. I can feel my head shaking! My sleep gets interrupted every night and am absolutely exhausted; it really affects my daily life and work.

    We tried talking to our neighbours on several occasions, but they say they can’t hear anything. The noise is definitely coming from their flat; there is absolutely no question about that.

    I never have this problem when away from the flat. In fact, I was recently away for a week and coming back highlighted just how bad the situation is. I tried moving our bed, bought new mattresses etc, but nothing helps — the bed stands on same floor boards as the appliances… I’m at my wits end…

    • Dawn says:

      Hi j how is your noise nuisance now? iv been suffering the same torment night after night for 3 years now and it’s definatly emmiting from my disfunctional nieghbours house it’s an idling deasel genorater noise and vibrations it’s torture usually this noise source is cultivating drugs and Im in no doubt that’s what my nieghbours are probably up to as they skulk around alot as for the authorities well the environment have picked up a couple of frequency sounds one of which is an idling genorater tho im still waiting for some action this is such a miserable social assault on us LFN sufferers that a law should be brought out to convict anyone deliberately knowing their noise making equipment is having a negative impact on people’s health …Dawn

  19. sherri says:

    yes, this is the second year in a row for me at this place where I get a sound IDENTICAL to a modified motorcycle idling just down the street. I’ve taken walks around the neighbourhood but can’t find anything – it’s not a vehicle and really I can’t even hear the sound once I’m 15 feet away from the building. It goes on and on for hours at a time. Just like Mike Hire (above) I can hear it in certain places but not in others. It makes me tense and I can’t block out the noise as it is so low and rumbly.

    This all being said I have moved 4 times in 5 years and the noise in this city (Kingston, Ontario) is horrendous in all places I’ve lived. We have a railway running straight through the middle of town, an expanding airport soon to get large jets in the West end, a newly expanded quarry operating 24/7 just to the north, MAJOR construction running from 7 a.m to 6 p.m in various areas, two student ghettos (party areas) and many of the new builds are going adjacent to multi-lane roads. Add to that the explosion in baby boomer males riding around on souped up Harleys, young guys in trucks with modified muffler systems and speakers and never-ending tree removal, leaf blower and other lawncare sounds and there is LITERALLY nowhere to live where you can still get internet that is also quiet. NOWHERE. I’d move towns but why? It is likely the same everywhere.

    What the hell has happened???? I’m 45 and it was not like this 10 years ago.

  20. Kathy says:

    Was this in Charlotte, NC. I feel like I can replace your pronouns and it would be the same. I’m thinking of suing, which is not like me, for not fixing the problem in a timely manner.

  21. x says:

    In case you don’t already know, you should be aware that the Tacoma area has a terrible public disturbance noise problem. I am mainly referring to the following: 1) Loud subwoofer thumping noises that are blasted through walls and into homes by vehicles and can be heard for several blocks. 2) Loud exhaust noises from vehicles with mufflers removed or with loud “sport” mufflers. 3) Loud sound systems playing inside homes that can be heard inside homes that are many houses away. 4) Fireworks exploded any random time, day or night, 365 days a year, even when no holiday is near. The people doing this are intentionally trying to harass and menace everybody in the community! This is criminal behavior and there is a serious lack of enforcement of the Pierce County Code Chapter 8.72. Loud subwoofers heard from 50+ feet away are illegal. Unmuffled or loud vehicle exhausts, are misdemeanor crimes. The law is very clear and explicit here. The residents of Pierce County do not have to accept this criminality! Please read the law and contact government officials, including law enforcement, and demand that the law be enforced! Loud low-frequency thumping in particular causes violent and explosive emotions in people. There have been many violent incidents and even killings, occurring here and around the nation, that were touched off by loud music being forced into people’s homes. No wonder decent people do not want to move here, crime is high, property values are low, and criminals figure if they can get away with public disturbance, they can get away with any other crime. We do not have to accept this constant disturbance of the peace. It is illegal! The quality of life will remain low here until the residents do something about this.

    Clips from the current version (2016/2017) of the Pierce County Code Chapter 8.72:
    8.72.040 Mufflers. It is unlawful for any person to operate, or for any owner to permit any person to operate, any motor vehicle or motorcycle upon the public highways which is not equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation.
    8.72.070 Exhaust System. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle upon any public highway if the vehicle exhaust system exceeds the maximum permissible sound levels set forth below for the category of vehicle, as measured at a distance of twenty inches (0.5 meter) from the exhaust outlet under procedures established by the State of Washington in Washington Administrative Code Chapter 173-58-080, “Close Proximity Exhaust System Sound Level Measurement Procedure.” Motorcycles 99 dB(A)/Automobiles, light trucks, and all other motor vehicles 10,000 pounds or less 95 dB(A).
    8.72.090 Public Disturbance Noises. It is unlawful for any person to cause, or for any person in possession of property to allow to originate from the property, a public disturbance noise. The following sounds are public disturbance noises:…
    C. Frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds from starting, operating, repairing, rebuilding, or testing of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, dirt bike, or other off-highway vehicle, or any internal combustion engine, within a rural or residential district, including vacant property adjacent thereto, so as to unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort, and repose of owners or possessors of real property…
    F. Any loud and raucous sound made by use of a musical instrument, whistle, sound amplifier, or other device capable of producing or reproducing sound which emanates frequently, repetitively, or continuously from any building, structure or property, such as sound originating from a band session, tavern operation, or social gathering and which unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort, and repose of owners or possessors of real property in the area affected by such noise…
    H. Public disturbance noise from portable or motor vehicle audio equipment: While in park areas, residential or commercial zones, or any area where residences, schools, human service facilities, or commercial establishments are in obvious proximity to the source of the sound, it is unlawful for any person to negligently cause, make, or allow to be made from audio equipment under such person’s control or ownership the following:
    1. Sound from a motor vehicle or vessel sound system, such as a tape player, radio, or compact disc player, which is operated at such a volume that it could be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of 50 feet or more from the vehicle or vessel itself;
    2. Sound from audio equipment such as a tape player, radio, or compact disc player, which is operated at such a volume that it could be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of 50 feet or more from the source of the sound;
    8.72.120 Enforcement… C. The Sections of this Chapter relating to motor vehicles and vessels and noise emanating from vehicles and vessels, shall be subject to enforcement proceedings with or without a citizen’s complaint.
    8.72.130 Violation – Penalty. A. Any person violating any motor vehicle performance standard of this Chapter, or who shall create, keep, maintain, or allow to occur any noise related to motor vehicle performance standards, as defined herein, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

  22. Kareem says:

    Hi .. It’s feels so bad that most of you had troubled sleep since years .. I had the same prob when I was staying in an hotel .. I will skip that

    The problem I encountered while constructing my music studio was this buzz sound

    It took a day to figure out that the compressor of an Ac in ground floor was creating this prob .. my floor is 2 me floor And the buzz was amplified due to more walls

    Good news is you can fix your prob .
    And very good news is you can do it yourself
    Bad news is it may cost you depending on what you do

    The problem you guys are facing is acoustical vibrations

    What you are feeling or hearing is low freq buzz
    If you could hear the buzz it’s somewhere less than 100 hertz to 20 hertz

    If you can feel with ear plugs on then you have less than 20 hertz prob

    The problem is what ever the unit that is making buzz is simply attached to concrete walls

    Mostly the problems is something to do with compressors and fans of the unit

    You may have to detach the unit from the walls and or dampen it .. Please google for dampening..

    Other way is to create a room with in a room .
    Sounds crazy but this is the solution

    There are so many methods of doing this please google .. I just want to make it simple ..
    Check out sandwiching gypsum boards plywood
    Rock wool ..

    You may also think about insulating the units which are making sounds with rock wool etc . Or create a room for the buzzing unit ..

    One super effective method is use of green glue

    Other good news is you really get privacy in you room. If you treat your rooms

  23. Jenny says:

    I have same problem,but thank goodness, with my constant addressing it with the Lanlord, the maintenance man recorded it and did another one further down. Mine is wired backwards and you can definitely hear a difference. They are coming Monday to rewire it. A brand new unit was making this noise.

  24. Bekah says:

    I understand 100% how you are feeling. I have Fibromyaliga, permanent tinnitus that screams 24/7, hyperacusis and vestibular hyperacusis. I’m 33 years old. Fibromyaliga in general can make sufferers sensitive to noise. My tinnitus was caused by an ototoxic antibiotic that damaged my nervous system. My hearing is above average with no hearing loss, I’ve been tested by an outstanding audiologist and continue to work with him for tinnitus management. Hyperacusis makes everyday noise sound much louder than it actually is. It’s like my hearing system is stuck on high. I even have to wear earplugs at the movies. Life is just too loud! Vestibular hyperacusis my body absorbs low frequency noise. I also hear it but the feeling of the sound is torture. I get migraines, my body shakes, my tinnitus spikes, my pain increases but the worst is that it causes my blood pressure to drop severely low or spike severely high and causes heart palpitations.

    I am in the process of moving because of this condition. I used to live in a condo where the furnace and central air were housed in their own part of the building, not within my personal living space. All I ever heard in my unit was pleasant white noise when the system ran. The past six months at my house have been hell and nearly landed me in the ER three times. We had the old furnace and AC replaced and things have been torture ever since. I can physically feel the air conditioner rumbling through the bedroom wall (house is a bungalow) and the furnace vibrates through the house when the system runs. It’s a million times worse when needing to run the heat. We have had several technicians out to service the equipment, even had a different AC and furnace installed and new duct work. Nothing helps and my condition is rapidly getting worse. Of course the majority of technicians who have come to our home consider me crazy. The last technician actually knew about my condition and has had past customers like me. Unfortunately we found him far too late. Maybe if he were the first one to come in things would be different.

    At home blood pressure monitoring proves that when the system runs my blood pressure will plummet or increase to a dangerous level with severe heart palpitations and will drop back to normal the moment the system stops running. My doctors have told me that continuing to live this way will eventually lead to heart attack, stroke and seizures. So we are selling our beautiful home and moving back into a condo where I don’t have to live with these appliances in my living space. I can only hope that someday a cure will be found for this disorder.

  25. LINDA HOAD says:

    Same problem live in a detached house but noise and vibration felt from a pump and fan when the fan is on full mode winter months it feels like it is in the bedroom cutting the air. sitting down we can feel a pump or fan spinning round very low frequency – it is when we are lying down in bed that we feel it most not standing up. believe it to be have connected to ground source heat pump or air source heat pump from a nearby church. matter is being investigated but of course no one else can hear it – it is felt.

  26. marcey storo says:

    All I have to say on this matter, Sicko`s with nothing better to do then download tone, frequency and bass GENERATORS. onto their powerful soundsystems and pound soundwaves (sine, sawtooth, square), low hertz (below 20 hz.) and crank decibels at high) and watch neighbors go insane and cause all kinds of health problems, PHYCOPATHS!!!

  27. juan says:

    I got the same thing, but now I start shaking myself coz I havent slept prepr for 2 years

    and peopel say its in my head, U HaVENT BEEN TO MY FUCKEN HOUSE< how do u know

    so yeah, I duno wat to do either

    and I get the ear phones things too

    I say it doesnt work

    IM being fucked by everone
    Ii already wenmt to mental ward many times coz of this wanting to kill myself

    thats my acebook if uw ant to talk to me, find out what to do

  28. Suesi Tran says:

    I’m having the same problem in my apartment too, and it’s worst that I can’t contact management office at all. They’re like ghost, can’t be seen, can’t be touched.

    I’m moving out.

  29. Irritated and Tired says:

    This is the first time I’ve tried googling about this to see if anyone else shares the same problem and I’m so glad I’m not alone. It sounds like such a petty thing to get annoyed with, but I toss and turn before being able to fall asleep. The deep vibration is even louder with my ear against the pillow. I’ve been sleeping on my couch in the living room because it’s at least less noticeable in here. I don’t know what to do about it, but it’s making my skin crawl in bed and disrupting my sleep. I’ve grown so tired of this and I have no solution.

  30. Jensen says:

    Try to download a white noise app… plenty to choose from. just go to your app store… type white noise. plenty to choose and try out. It works

    • Julie says:

      Unfortunately, white noise doesn’t always work for everyone. It can keep you awake too. I’ve tried it and ocean waves and natural sounds and having a fan on.

  31. Noone says:

    I have read all comments.
    I am going to sum up. Even though it is dangerous for me to say so. Technology is being used to destroy beings. Not only to help them. Mainly to destroy them. The infra sounds low frequencies are in thw favour of governments agaonst those who try or discovered Meditation. Low frequencies are perfect against people who try to meditate. Meditation is number one horror movie to the governments of evil power. They dont want you to discover it. They dont even want to take the risk to wait for you to discover it. Thats why an entire agenda of manifacturing fridges with continious infra sounds into homes was made. You think they couldnt make fridges without sound ? Think again. More, the cars are a necessity to them to make sure the masses are under noise. Phones, facebooks, YouTubes.. All that to keep war wages on brains. Try to keep humans as much far of meditation as possible. Meditation = state of bo mind ( no thoughts ) once one attains meditation he can’t fall back. It will be too late for them to stop him. He will simply see. See life. And at a point there was a rise of meditators around the world and that freaked out the governments. They dont really bother about violence, terrorism, religions… They just dont want you to meditate. The rest is fine to them.

    I hope one day electricity will be banned by someone powerful enough to convince people that electricity itself, is destruction. It is our enemy. Yes electricity. Don’t tell me a little bit of electricity is fine because thats the trick. You allow it, they find a way.. To screw you up.
    Why do you think ancient egypt had images of light bulbs on their walls but refused to use electricity ? Do you really think those pyramids were built for graves ? Like they taugh is in school ? ( fake education was implanted by the elites to keep us away from figuring out or even finding the first clue to understand something about electricity wrath. Yes, the ancient civilization of egypt had even more knowledge than us. They knew about all technology. But they got destructed and thats why they cancelled all electricity and they built those miraculous giantic pyramids to produce natural electrocity and shelter inside them for meditation. There was a war waged at that time. Dont worry they were not stupid to build those miraculous pyramids with such advanced mathematics that until today still unsolved. Just for graves. It was a lie. Those were not graves they were natural light (electricity) producers. Make your researches you will understand. They did go through what we go through now. And they ended up that way. We will have to end up that way too. They were not in the stone age. They just passed the future to come back to there. Look at humans now. Misery. Wars. Genetic modifications. All type of diseases. Sexual disorientation. Wifi radiation also known as slow cooking. Make a research. You will all get fucked up. People now are running to off the grid. They are quitting towards nature. And government is harrassing them for that ? Why ? Why it is so worrying for government that you grow your own food and collect rain water ? They dont let you build your own home and avoid taxes. Make your researches. And whoever talk about these things and get enough influence on people becomes a targeted person. Like Osho. I dont even fully trust the author of this page , they love to collect data about thse infra sound and slow cooking (search what radiation human slow cooking means) is going. Soon they are going to implant a cMera everywhere for terrorist reason. Micro ships inside flesh is already being inplanted. Humans machines slaves. Good bye now.

  32. Noone says:

    To all those who suffer from infra sound.

    You were at a stage of your life where you went against government agenda.

    Religion or monsanto or system. Etc.

    They are radiating you until you give up. Or until you get destroyed. You change.

    Radiation is due to sattelite. And the eye in the pyramid is the all seeing eye. Nothing is beyong their reach like mentioned in NSA agency spy Octoputs.

    Good bye.

    • marcey storo says:

      Can I get everyone in this situation to go to the internet and go to pain generators, and see the kind of devices and equipment they sell to anyone who has a few bucks, same kinda of stuff as the military uses, so maybe its your lunatic neighbor and you wouldn’t even know. No laws or devices, the police or government have or use for this infrasound, ultrasonic sound people may be using on you! pulsating generators, sonic shockwave guns and generators the items go on and on. just like the waves pounding through your body. Please send comments after researching this cite. Make sure you go to Phasor pain blaster, Phasor blast wave pistol, also pain generator facebook is very interesting. make sure you people leave the area, and take care of yourselves!

  33. bridget says:

    I also live with a noise that’s driving me insane,sounds like a jet,in the distance.Ive been hearing it for years,also vibration of my bed,also my body.When it first started I had a nervous breakdown due to the stress and worry it caused,years later I’m still living with it.The vibration is in my bed everynight.I won’t live alone and hate to be alone..what the hell is going on!!!

  34. todd schelfhout says:

    I live across the street from Generac Generators, Oshkosh, WI 54902. This Generac facility manufacturers the Large Commercial Generators and prior to shipment, they test these units at all hours of the night. We live in a rural neighborhood with my closest neighbor of 50 yds to the south and 200 yds to the north. 3 of us neighbors are affected by the Infra-sound Low Frequency Noise, where we can’t even watch TV and you can’t fall asleep if they are testing and you get woken if you are sleeping. City Ordinance is 62 DB’s however LFN can’t be measured like that. Generac a 5 billion dollar a year, International Company, Wisconsin’s Manufacturer of the
    year has been reluctant to do anything. CEO Aaron Jagfeld, Big Business and Big Government is using their power and influence to destroy a Town of Black Wolf neighborhood because they can. We where here first

    • Deborah sohn says:

      I live in a upstairs apartment and my neighbors downstairs have a ceiling fan in every room they constantly leave on 24/7 winter and summer so I can hear the ceiling fans coming through my floor vibrating 24/7 I can’t get away from the noise absolutely nerve-wracking I don’t know what to do about it I constantly feel on edge and nervous all the time……

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