An Open Letter To Thomas Mulclair

I doubt you are even reading this. You strike me as the kind of guy who reads the first line or two of a report and then dismisses it because he doesn’t like where it is going. I expect this is being read by the intern of an assistant to a secretary of one of your underlings.

Just before the NDP leadership convention you made some comments about how marijuana “causes mental illness”. Though many people still believe this to be true, it is completely and utterly unsubstantiated by science, history, data, or fact. But, much like how some people still believe in nonsensical notions like “God”, it is hardly surprising.

The fact of the matter is – there is NO evidence anywhere on earth that marijuana “causes” mental illness. There isn’t even any compelling evidence to SUGGEST that it does. Sure, there is a lot of debunked junk science that hack reporters like to regurgitate into the baby-bird-like brains of The Public, but no actual facts.

You….. you strike me as a “believer”. You strike me as the kind of guy who would rather stick to his guns about what he “believes” than risk looking weak by changing his opinion. You strike me as the kind of guy who is so afraid of looking “weak” in the eyes of the dumber members of your voter base. You strike me as the kind of guy who values “stick-to-it-ive-ness” over getting to the actual truth.

To people like you, I expect “truth” is whatever is believed-in the strongest.

In the coming weeks, you will be inundated with science and data and historical documents and letters, pleading with you to change you position on Marijuana so that it more closely resembles actual space-time reality. I expect that this data will do nothing to sway you.

I expect that you won’t even read it, knowing full well that, if you do, you will be forced by sane thinking to admit that you were wrong.

If you do read it, I expect you will skim over it, reading bullet points and headers, and then declaring “I  am not convinced….”.

No matter what happens, I fully expect that next week, or next month, or next year, you will still be holding onto the same Reefer Madness position you held last week.

I wish I was wrong. I really do. I wish you would come out next week saying “Wow…. I was totally misinformed. Marijuana is no more dangerous than table salt, and we must end this ridiculous and counterproductive war, immediately.”

But you won’t. You will, I expect, pander to police and churches and the media and the media-addled nincompoops who make up 80% of this country’s population, and continue to say very little.

You support prohibition, Tom. Therefore you support organized crime. That is the bottom line here. You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem. There is no middle ground.

I expect you will do what previous leaders did; say we need “non-punitive” rules, but no legalization because that might “send the wrong message” to youth, somehow.

And I want you to. You see, I am a medical marijuana user and public legalization advocate, and having the leader of The Official Opposition talk a lot of balderdash and buffoonery only helps our cause.

So, in conclusion, I encourage you – most emphatically – to ignore science, data, history, public opinion, and the Greater Good, and just keep gibbering your piffle into the cameras.

Besides – it isn’t like there are any reporters in Canada who will challenge you on it……

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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