My Predictions For 2012

Call them predictions, call them wishes, but here is what I expect to see happen in 2012:

Michael Coren and Charles McVety will be caught engaging in lewd acts together in a public washroom.

– Over a dozen women will come forward, accusing Ezra Levant of getting them drunk, and then putting on their clothes while they were passed out.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be found shit faced drunk behind the wheel of his car. The cops will try to hide the incident for him, but a civilian jogger will catch footage and Youtube it. The video will go viral, but Ford will deny that the footage even exists.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson will resign so he can run in a federal or provincial by-election, or a leadership race, or any other political thing else that might be more lucrative and prestigious than the job he has now. It is kind of “his thing”.

– Canadians will continue to pretend that marijuana is actually bad for them, even as they personally begin using it for medical reasons.

– A completely legal and licensed medical marijuana user will die at the hands of Canadian police (probably me).

The Mernagh decision will be upheld, effectively legalizing marijuana for anyone who uses it for any medical reason. This ruling will be ignored by the media, the government, the police, and every other judge in Canada.

– Marijuana busts will continue to increase, as the police put even MORE effort into busting small-time dealers and growers.

– Jail-related butt-rape will continue to increase in direct correlation with increased inmate population. The rates of HIV and Hep C infections will rise along with it.

– Conscription will be implemented as the world gears up for war with Iran.

– Stephen Harper will begin subjecting his children to daily drug testing, and his daughter will begin receiving weekly “virginity tests”.



About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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