Another Marijuana First For Ottawa!

Well, Ottawa has the first people to ever use a Federal Marijuana License as a form of ID so they could get married (me and the wife in 2005), and the worlds’ first children’s book about medical marijuana (again, me and the wife in 2003). But this past week, a new first occurred in Ottawa. Two, actually.
Seems a federally-licensed grower was shipping some medicine to some licensed patients with UPS, and UPS decided to snoop a little.
The Grower, tracking the packages online, noticed they were not moving as they should have, so he called to inquire.
They ask him to come in.
He does.
Police arrive.

The Grower calmly explains that he has all the paperwork necessary, and could he please have his medicine back, as patients are in need and the shipment is now late.

They proceed to the Ottawa Police Station, where The Grower is told that his pot is the stinkiest pot that has ever been in the station, and that they were glad to be rid of it because the whole station stank.
The Grower thanked them for the compliment.
The police had planned to destroy the pot on Monday, as the stink was so bad, and that was the soonest they would have been able to get to it.

The Grower politely pointed out that the police had, during the course of their “investigation”, mixed up the strains, to which the Drug Squad Detective – a supposed expert in all things marijuana – asked “There are different strains of marijuana?”
They also opened the packages without a warrant, but since the sniffer dog had indicated “a positive”, they felt they had clearance.
(It should be noted that recent studies show that sniffer dogs give false positives about two out of three times.)
The Grower showed all his paperwork to the officers, and then walked out of the station with 800 grams of some of the stinkiest pot this town has ever seen, to the astonished looks of police officers and associated staff.
No one has ever walked out of that building with that much pot on them before. The police assured The Grower of that.


About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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