An Apology

On Dec. 7, I made an outrageously ridiculous tweet about a certain Conservative MPP. It was sexual in nature and far too ridiculous to be take seriously. I mean, it was over-the-top enough to be completely absurd, I thought.

I was wrong.

I sent the tweet with the hashtag #freespeechjustliketheCPC.

I figured, if the Tories – in general – could lie during elections, lie to The House, lie to Irwin Colter’s constituents, and then just pretend it was all perfectly okay…. well, I figured “Anything goes.”

I sent it to her because, well, it just happened that she was the first Tory tweet account that came past my desk, so I let fly with my own Free Speech Bomb. It wasn’t meant as a slight at her, as such, more a test of the limits of so-called free speech in Canada.

Of course the MPP and others threatened legal action, so I removed the post and apologized, but it shows a few things:

1) The guy with the most money is always right. If you can’t lawyer up, then you are screwed.

2) Tories – provincial and federal – can dish it out but can’t take it. They bully and lie and then act like it is “leadership”.

3) Free speech means nothing in Canada. The rich can do what they like, the poor better watch it.

I get subjected to all manner of libelous commentary all over the net on a fairly regular basis. This is part of the reason I don’t write that many letters these days, or comment on the forums as much. Every time one of my letters get published, or if I am quoted in an article, or write an article, or comment on something, I keep getting called addict, druggie, and mentally ill, by people who think it is valid to do so because I am a medical marijuana user.

So we’ll see. I sent sincere apologies and explanations, so we will see what happens from there. But I am not going to fight a free speech charge over some dumb, dark joke. It just isn’t worth it.

And yeah, it was a bit much, but I thought it was SO over the top that it would be ignored as nonsense.

About russellbarth

Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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