Justin Trudeau And The Marijuana Question

Recently, after he heroically chided Environmental-Destruction Minister Peter Kent about his lack of understanding about Ozone, some people in the Canadian marijuana legalization-activism community expressed hopes that Liberal MP Justin Trudeau might help get pot legalized one day. I think they are really barking up the wrong tree with this fop. When one considers Trudeau’s position on pot, one quickly sees that he is in NO position to chide ANYONE about science.

To paraphrase his position: Trudeau thinks that pot has proven medical value and should be available for medical use, but because it is “more potent” than it used to be, and because it is “linked” to mental illness, it would be imprudent to legalize pot for recreational purposes. He’s wrong. This position flies in the face of all science, history, and common sense. But because many – many – people still “believe” this kind of nonsense, it is still regarded as somehow “legitimate”.

This from someone who denies allegations that he smoked pot with Marc Emery.

The facts:

1) Keeping pot illegal subsidizes gangsters. Trudeau knows this. So by coming out in favor of continuing prohibition, he is coming out on the side of subsidizing gangsters. He just is. You are either with the gangsters, or against prohibition. Like pregnancy, it is an “either/or” argument, with no middle ground.

2) Marijuana is notmore potent” than it was in the old days, and science shows that. Further, upon repeated media requests for any form of confirming data, there has been no evidence from either the RCMP or Health Canada to suggest otherwise.

3) The studies “linking” marijuana to mental illness, themselves, point out that it is equally as likely that the pot use was caused by the symptoms, not vice versa. So pot isn’t causing anything bad – despite what some hand-wringing mothers with lazy brat kids and the idiot reporters who give them a public soap box might think.

4) While pot use in the western world has more than quadrupled in the past 40 years, Schizophrenia rates have remained at about 1.1%, dispelling any idea that increased pot use is causing any increase in the condition.

So, any “reasons” Trudeau might give for not wanting pot legalized fall short, leading me to believe that he is taking this meandering, middle of the road approach in an effort to pander to largest swath of the dumbest voters.

It is called “political expediency”, and is the hallmark of a true fop: “Just say whatever needs said in order to endear yourself to the largest number of misinformed, hysterical, under-educated, visceral, punishment-happy, media-addled nincompoops.” is the way people like that roll. It has worked well, especially in a country that has a higher-than-average per-capita number of misinformed, hysterical, under-educated, visceral, punishment-happy, media-addled nincompoops.

But it does lead me to wonder where an intelligent, educated, well-travelled, and metropolitan type of person like Justin could get such ridiculous, archaic, and absurd ideas about pot.

Well, for one thing, Trudeau is a religious believer – a Catholic – and that means that he needs to push aside fact – on a fairly regular basis – in order to be true to his faith. Faith is believing in something despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, so it is not hard to see where a superstitious person might believe that legalizing pot is bad, even though all the evidence shows otherwise. It doesn’t make him right, though. This leads me to think he maybe isn’t as metropolitan as he likes to make himself appear, or that he is a liar who fakes being faithful. Either way, I would not trust this guy for a moment.

The other influence could be from his mother, Margaret. This former First Lady has been going around the country for the past few years speaking publicly about the perils of marijuana use, pointing to her own experiences with mental instability as “proof” of pot’s danger. She makes a point of perpetuating the myths about pot being more potent than it was in her day, but, again, offers no proof other than her own belief. This “wisdom” seems, apparently, to be enough for those who paid to hear her speak (or wrote about it afterwards).

Of course, in this Maclean’s article, Maggie admits to using tobacco and prescription pharmaceuticals on a daily basis, and alcohol fairly regularly… yet she has the gall to go around talking about how pot made her mentally unstable.

Luckily for her, most Canadians refuse to remember that “Maggie” was brought into the public eye as the young trophy-bride and legacy-breeder of a man twice her age, 15 times her intellect, and of dubious sexuality. But that didn’t make her unstable – it was just the pot. It wasn’t the public scrutiny, fact that she had no qualifications of her own, or the copious amounts – and wide variety – of other drugs that she did over the years – including psychedelics – that made her tense and weird…. no, it was the pot. Only the pot.

And hardly any Canadians read The Warhol Diaries, where Andy Warhol says he walked into The Factory bathroom, not knowing it was already occupied, only to glimpse Canada’s (still) first lady sitting on the can with her pants at her ankles and a bag and spoon under her nose.

Or maybe she had to do this speaking tour as some kind of community service for the 2004 drunk driving charge she managed to squirm out from under in 2008, but that is merely speculation….

At any rate, legalization advocates shouldn’t waste their time with Justin Trudeau, because it is clear – not only by his words and deeds on pot, but on many other issues – that he cares more about getting famous than he does about the greater good. That means he will continue to meander down the middle of the road, not really saying or doing anything, in hopes that it will continue to get him elected. And then he will call that “leadership.”

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Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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3 Responses to Justin Trudeau And The Marijuana Question

  1. Tanya says:

    A really great article on cannabis. You have articulated all my frustrations with talking heads when it comes to my favorite plant.

  2. LELAND COLE says:


  3. I would never vote for an anglophobic francophone, nor one who came out against pot, never mind one w\ho was so uninformed that he spouts 50 year old false dogma. Make him watch the movie Grass, which informed and angered me. I am stronger a marijuana legalization advocate than ever.

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