Jesus Goes To Ottawa’s Pride Parade

When my wife Christine and I stepped out side, we knew immediately that we were under-dressed. The chill was enough, but the wind made it much worse.

We took the bus, got off at the Rideau Center, then killed some time in Confederation Park looking at artisans selling their wares.

About 12:50, we went over to the First Baptist Church on the Corner of Laurier and Elgin, and we put the sign and costume together. Immediately I was asked to pose for pictures.

I lost count of how many people got their photos take with me, kneeling in front of me as I blessed them, or just shot pics from afar. Stalwart Christine was not only carrying all of our food and assorted extras, she was taking photos of me the whole time.

The wind provided me a good workout, as my sign, hair, and costume blew about in a most unruly fashion. And what with wind being my most-hated of all weather phenomena….

Trevor Thompson came up to say hi, then made a hasty retreat when he realized I was about to be interviewed by some lady from the Metro Ottawa. I haven’t seen the story.
She asked “That’s your REAL hair…?!”

The reason we did this is, too much discrimination is based on the notion that some invisible guy in the sky doesn’t like gays touching each other. Being an anti-theist, I was just trying to bring some smiles to the Gay community, while simultaneously irritating all the right people with (what they consider) blaspheme.

Ran into another guy with a fake beard and wig and stuff, but it looked kind of lame.

Soon we ran out of camera memory, so the video camera came out. We got a bit of video, but then the camera would not work, as is an increasingly-frequent problem. More on that later….

Here is the video.

Had a toke by the court house talking to some kids.

We entered the party on the lawn of City Hall, and talked briefly to Paul Dewar who said he had just arrived in town and missed the parade. He kept looking the other way as people tried to get photos of the next leader of the NDP with a pot head in a Jesus costume.

Talked to some cops, who apparently were under strict orders not to look like they were having a good time.

Had some food and meds over by the firefighter monument, then went to let even MC Martha Chavez know that I was here and available if she wanted to do a bit or whatever. Wasn’t trying to get on stage, just letting her know I was there in case she wanted to do a thing or whatever. I was tired by this point, anyway, and wanted to wrap it up.

We walked around the crowd for another half hour, getting countless photos taken by people who were apparently pretty keen to piss off their parents. Lots of “blessings”.

I figure 80-100 people posed like this over the course of the day.

See The facebook photo spread here

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Trying to end marijuana prohibition, and educate people about marijuana, diet, prohibition, and sustainable living.
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